Shared hosting

If you have small application and does not requires large space on a server, then you can opt for the shared hosting facility of NDC, Pune. In this case your application/ website shall be hosted on the shared server along with other websites or applications.
We can provide required shared space on servers which are hosted with us at our NDC and thereby even a shared site can benefit from our infrastructure and network. A web hosting service where a server is shared by multiple web hosting customers. Shared hosting is an inexpensive solution for smaller Web sites, and Web sites that don't require complex custom applications.
We provide shared hosting on following two platforms:
  • Linux 5.6, 6.0 and 6.2 with MySql and PostGreSQL
  • Windows 2008/R2 and MS-SQL 2008/R2

To Know More about Web Hosting Procedure please follows this link Click Here
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