NIC's data centre offers the facility to its users, where they can co-locate their own rack/blade mountable servers. A Govt. Department/ Organization can also opt for its own complete rack space at NIC's data centre to utilize the infrastructure and network.

In case of server co-location, complete infrastructure including rack, network connectivity, fibre connectivity, power supply through UPS system, network and physical security and 24x7 monitoring etc. can be provided.

Server Collocation is an arrangement by which user departments who own their own servers and hardware can request for space, power and bandwidth in a Data Center. We offer secure server Collocation space for Web servers and other related hardware in our Data Center.

      We provide various space options inside our Data Centre all the way from a single "U" to 10ā€œUā€ Rack space, all with ample power and bandwidth for user website hosting requirements. With our Collocation Services, user can control the operation and maintenance of the equipment. Our technical staffs are available to ensure that  equipment remains operational. It is the perfect solution if you own your own equipment and require reliability and scalable solution.

Terms & conditions for co-located servers.
  • Users Responsibilities
    1. Arrange for the shipping of hardware, cabling (labeled), cabling ties, and all other material needed to install the equipment.
    2. Connecting equipment to power strip and ethernet cable.
    3. Configure the hardware and install all software  
    4. Work with the technician to make the equipment operational.
  • Service Caveats
    1. NDC is not responsible for lost revenue or service unavailability due to delay or problems in installing the equipment.
    2. NDC is not responsible for failure of equipment powering on, even if the equipment is not found to be defective
    3. NDC is not responsible for loss of warranty due to installation of equipment.
    4. NDC will not be responsible for storing boxes/containers, installing software, or configuring the equipment.
    5. All equipment installed must fit within the cabinet elected by the customer.
    6. NDC requires a minimum of a 10 working day notice before equipment can be installed.
    7. All installation services will be performed during normal working hours (10:00 am-6:00 pm) of all working days
To co-locate your server with us please submit your request   Download request form
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