Web Hosting Procedure

(A) For user organization/ department

You are requested to contact your NIC Coordinator or nearest NIC Centre who shall in turn help you in hosting your Website in NIC Server.

The contact details of the NIC Web Coordinators are as follows :- (B) For NIC Centres
  1. 1. Registration :-

             Download website hosting Application Form and submit it duly filled-in and containing the seal and signature of the HOD of the organistion at nicndc-pune[at]nic[dot]in. The same is submitted by post for office record.
  1. 2. Staging Server :-

             The website/application has to be first tested on staging VM before launching it on Production Server. If you already have a staging server account you can use the same for uploading and testing your site.
    For acquiring a new temporary account in the staging VM please send your VM request form
  1. 3. Security Audit of the hosted Web Contents/Applications :–
  2.           All web sites hosted on NIC’s servers are audited for security vulnerabilities. Once the site/application is tested successfully on Staging VM, it has to undergo a mandatory security audit before it is hosted on the production server.

    Note:- kindly note that to ensure utmost security, no website can be hosted on the NIC web servers without undergoing the mandatory Security Audit.

    For audit undertaken by third party auditor from CERT-In empanelled auditors, site owners has to post the details to Cyber security group. Refer website http://security.nic.in for the procedure
  1. 4. Launch on Production Server :-

             After we receive security audit clearance, you will be informed by mail. The Web Site will be hosted after we receive your confirmation for hosting.
  1. 5. Remote Publishing Facility:-

             This facility allows you to update and maintain your site at your own convenience from the comfort of your office or any other remote location through VPN (Virtual Private Network).
    The complete step-wise procedure for a Website Owner to have VPN and FTP account for Remote updation/Maintenance is given below.

    • Obtain a VPN conection/account : To apply for VPN, you need to Fill the VPN form available here
    • Submit the filled VPN form to your concerned NIC Web Coordinator.
    • The Web Coordinator will forward the same to the NIC VPN group.
    • You will receive VPN account details from VPN Group and necessary guidelines/instruction to setup and install necessary software for VPN connectivity.
    • After the successful setup, please get the FTP details from the concerned Web coordinator.

  2. In case of any problem you can be in touch with concerned NIC- Web Coordinator .
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