1. Access Control System:
    • Access Control System:

    •     The access control system shall be used to serve the objective of allowing entry and exit from the premises authorized personnel only. Good access control systems record and timestamp all transactions so that access to systems and information can be audited at later dates. Administration refers to the ability to add ,delete , and modify user accounts and user account privileges.

    • Smart Card

    •     The smart card shall incorporate radio frequency identification electronics into a durable polycarbonate package. Individual smart card type contain the separate code and card number. Entry is possible only after proper authentication by the system. In smart card we can add ,delete , and modify many times.

    • Biometrics

    •     The finger print reader shall be capable of reading a fingerprint utilizing an imaging sensor comparing the same with a stored template. polycarbonate package. Incase the fingerprint does not matched with the stored template the access will be denied to the person.

    • Access Card Integration

    •     We have integrated the access card to our BMS system through Euronet software to monitor the entry and exit, assigning the card to the employee and assigning access privileges to the card.

  2. CCTV Surveillance:

  3.     The main purpose of CCTV system is to provide useful information about the movement of the personnel in the Data centre zone. The system effectively monitors and records movement of the people in the Data Center zone and captures the images. The system has the fixed dome cameras, power supply units, digital video recorder, monitoring stations and specific software to monitor and take the regular backup. The DVR will provide the high quality of recorder and storage and play back of images.

  4. Rodent Repellant System:

  5.     The Rodent Repellant System will generate high frequency sound waves of above 20 KHz which is upper limit of the hearing range of the human ear.The intensive sound at high decibel level is audible and painful to pests but it is inaudible and harmless to humans. The pests usually leaves the area being protected by ultrasound waves, but it is not killed. The powerful sound waves are generated by the master console panel which is placed and installed in NOC room. Each master console panel contains twelve nos. of transistors. Data Centre, Pune has 14 such master console panels. Transistors are installed sensitive areas and there is zero risk of sparks. It can work at very high temperature and very low temperatures. A single transistor covers 150 sqft .

  6. Water Leakage Detection System:

  7.     The automated water leak detection system that provides 24/7 detection against internal pipe leakage and accidental overflows. The leak system constantly monitor the datacenter for a water flow. The system has tape sensors, sensitive electronic sensor detection module which is located below false flooring and is integrated to control panel in NOC room. If the sensor finds any moisture or water leakage it will indicate to water leak panel which sounds an alarm for necessary action.

  8. Public Address System:

  9.     A Public Address System is available to alert the personnel in the data centre in case of any emergency. Speakers are fixed on to the roof of the Data Centre.

  10. Building Management System (BMS):

  11.      Building Management system is important to configure, monitor and control the Data Center related services .i.e.

    • Access control system.
    • Fire alarm panel.
    • PAC system.
    • UPS system.
    • CCTV.

        This data center is using Honeywell software for maintaining and controlling all the above systems.
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