Fire Security

Fire Detection and Alarm System Gas based Fire Suppression System

Fire Detection (Fire Detection and Alarm System)

Fire detection and alarm system is an electronic equipment which detects fire and raises alarm as warning of fire. In this system all sensors devices and loops are uniquely addressable by a number. System provides exact geographical location of fire or faulty device or sensor and display the detailed information about the sensors and the detectors. The National Data Centre (NDC) facility is equipped with state of the art fire detection and suppression system. There are multiple optical smoke detectors connected to a central control panel for detecting the smoke and raising an alarm. The fire suppression system is integrated with the fire alarm system. The system releases FM 200 gas upon detecting an alarm for suppressing the fire

Fire Suppression (Gas based Fire Suppression System )

FM 200 is one of the clean agent to suppress the fire in case of any fire. FM 200 is a compound that consists of carbon, fluorine, hydrogen and it is colorless and electrically non-conductive. Detectors, alarm devices, accessories are external devices that act as the eyes and voice of the system as they give visual and audible signals. Fire control panel is the brain of the system and is used to monitor the accessories.
In FM 200 have two options -
  • Manual
    1. We have to release the gas manually through the nozzle which is available in the cylinder in case of fire.
    2. At National Data Centre, Pune it has been configured in Manual Mode
  • Automatic
    1. The automatic fire suppression systems control and extinguish fires without human intervention in case of fire.
    2. The gas will be released until the fire has cleared in the area.


  1. Fast & effective
  2. Electrically non conductive.
  3. Safe for use in fully occupied area
  4. Minimal storage requirement.
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